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Zircteeth® in Grafton, MA

Implant-supported bridges are steadily becoming a more common option for teeth replacement. At Grafton Dental, we offer Zircteeth — the latest advancement in tooth implant procedures. Zircteeth are zirconia bridges that are held in place by dental implants. This tooth replacement option restores beauty and function to your smile so you can get back to living life confidently.

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Benefits of Implant Tooth Replacement

  • Fills the gap left behind by missing teeth
  • Restores function & appearance of your smile
  • Lasts a lifetime with proper care
  • Requires no shaping of your surrounding teeth

Zircteeth Candidates

If you have healthy gums and enough bone to withstand the dental implant placement, you may qualify for a Zircteeth bridge. It’s important to be upfront about your dental habits, as an insufficient oral hygiene routine can impact the longevity of your bridge. During your post-treatment checkup, we’ll ensure that your Zircteeth bridge is holding up and answer any questions you may have about caring for it.

Placement of Zircteeth

Zircteeth first require permanent implants. Tooth implants are small titanium posts that are surgically fused with your jawbone and serve as an artificial tooth root. Once the implants have fused with your jawbone, we will begin the process of measuring you for your custom Zircteeth. After the correct shade, size, and shape of your restorative piece has been solidified, we will attach your Zircteeth bridge to your dental implants.

Cost of Zircteeth

The cost of treatment is dependent upon each patient’s specific dental needs. During your initial consultation, we’ll go over a custom treatment plan and discuss all costs before we move forward. If financing is a concern for you, we offer several financial options to make your care affordable. We accept CareCredit® and provide in-house payment plans, which allows you to split the cost up into manageable payments over time.

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Flexible Financing. We take CareCreditSM patient financing & offer our own in-office payment plans.

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