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Can I avoid a Root canal?

Avoiding root canal

Root canals are perhaps the most feared dental treatments. Just like any other medical procedure, early prevention and intervention can save you from getting a root canal. In most cases, a root canal is needed when a cavity gets deep and close to the pulp (nerve) of the tooth.

Why do you need root canal treatment?

This cause infection of the nerve and hence pain. Root canal treatment cleans the pulp space and removes the infection. The other common reason is cracked teeth. Teeth can crack in function over time or due to excessive clenching and grinding. Once the crack gets to the pulp, bacteria gain entry and infect the pulp.

How to prevent a root canal?

In both the cases, early detection and treatment can prevent root canals and other extensive and expensive treatments. If you have been diagnosed with cavities, you should get them fixed when they are small and a filling will take care of it. If you clench or grind your teeth, a night guard can prevent cracked teeth.

Some new materials can help to regenerate dentin in deeper cavities. A lot of research in this field has been going on and results look promising. A product like Theracal LC can be used in a deep cavity which and regenerate dentin and might be able to prevent root canal. If you want to avoid getting root canals, it is important to routinely see your dentist and fix the problems before they get worse.

In case you need a root canal, we at Grafton Dental Care can make the experience as comfortable as possible. With new techniques, the procedure is quick and painless. If you are worried, oral sedation can take the edge off.

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