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At Grafton Dental Care, we’re invested in your dental health. That’s why we invest in state-of-the-art technology that makes it easier for us to take care of your smile needs and creates an enhanced patient experience. One piece of dental technology we’re particularly excited to have at our practice is our CEREC system. With CEREC, we can create and place custom dental crowns in just one visit. Call to schedule your appointment with our dentist in Grafton, MA today!

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What Is CEREC Dentistry?

CEREC is an advanced system for designing and producing natural-looking restorations. We take digital impressions and send them directly to our CEREC machine. From those impressions, we design a precise model of your dental crown. Once we’ve finalized the design, we send the information to our on-site milling machine, which carves your restoration out of a block of tooth-colored ceramic. Then, we finish the procedure by placing and fitting your crown, making any necessary adjustments on the spot.

Benefits of CEREC Crowns

There are many benefits of getting a CEREC crown, most of which revolve around comfort and convenience. Digital impressions replace the traditional impression-taking process using that goopy material. Since the procedure is all completed in-house without needing to wait for an outside dental lab, it only takes hour or two rather than a couple of weeks to get your restoration. This shortened timeline also means you won’t have to wear a temporary crown—you’ll walk out with your permanent dental crown that same day.

Reasons to Get a Tooth Crown

The advantages of CEREC dentistry may sound all well and good, but you might be wondering when you would need a tooth crown in the first place. Here are some of the most common conditions that could call for a dental crown:

If any of those apply to you or you’d like to learn more about CEREC dentistry, contact Grafton Dental Care today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are CEREC dental crowns?

CEREC dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps designed to completely cover the visible portion of your tooth or dental implant.

How much do CEREC dental crowns cost?

Each case is unique and the exact cost of your dental crown will be determined at your initial appointment. For assistance with out-of-pocket expenses, we offer several financing options, including CareCredit®, in-house payment plans, and our Gold Dental Discount Plan.

Does insurance cover CEREC dental crowns?

Insurance coverage varies from patient to patient. If you’d like to know your benefits before your scheduled appointment, please call to speak with a member of our team.

How long does it take to get a CEREC dental crown?

Your custom crown can be fabricated and placed in one single appointment with CEREC. Typically, your visit will last between one and two hours, depending on your unique case.

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Flexible Financing. We take CareCreditSM patient financing & offer our own in-office payment plans.

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