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Five ways to make your dental visits more comfortable!

Make dental visits comfortable

Lets face it; no one enjoys a visit to the dentist. But following these simple tips can make you visits more pleasant and comfortable.

1.Know how long the appointment will take. Sometimes patients are not aware how long the dental appointment will take and do not plan their day around it. Some longer procedures like root canals, crowns and surgeries can take multiple hours. It is always good to know how much time will be needed for the appointment and also have a little extra time in case things go a little longer.

2.Eat before the appointment. Lot of patients tell me that they did not eat anything before the appointment because they wanted to have a clean mouth. It is a bad idea. Always eat before the appointment unless you have been asked specifically not to eat. I would suggest eat a little more than you normally would because you might be numb for several hours after the appointment. You can always brush you teeth before seeing the dentist.

3. Use a nasal decongestant. If you have a blocked nose it can get very difficult to breathe when your mouth is open. Use a decongestant like Afrin before the appointment to make breathing easier. (Please make sure with you medical provider that it is safe for you before using any medication.)

4. Ask your dentist for sedation. If you are anxious about your dental treatment, dental sedation can be really helpful. You would be relaxed during the appointment and would leave without memory of the shot or the drill.

5. Ask you dentist to use a dental dam. There is nothing more annoying then debris falling in your mouth from rotten teeth, old fillings and dental materials when the dentist is working. This also requires constant suctioning of your mouth to pick up the debris. A dental dam will prevent all of this. It will make the visit faster and more comfortable and your fillings will last longer.

At Grafton Dental Care, we try our best to make your dental visit as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We offer TVs on the ceiling to take your mind off the drill. There are blankets and scented towels to make it feel like a spa.

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