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What Foods Are Good for My Oral Health?

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We’ve all heard time and time again about the types of foods we should avoid for the sake of our oral health such as sugar, sticky food, and sodas. Limiting foods that pose the greatest risk of damage to your teeth is definitely the way to go, but where’s the list of foods that contribute positively to your oral health? We’ve created a list of some tasty foods that also benefit your oral health.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Vegetables that are green and leafy are among the best foods for your teeth. Leafy greens like kale and spinach are vitamin rich and can remineralize your teeth. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also naturally abrasive, which helps to scrub your teeth and remove plaque. Apples are an especially good choice for your oral health. In fact, apples are often referred to as nature’s toothbrush.


Cheese is made from calcium just like your teeth and as such, it can help prevent enamel erosion and tooth decay. Just thinking about eating your favorite cheese is making your mouth water, isn’t it? That’s an added benefit. Cheese increases the production of saliva, which helps to clear food particles and fight the symptoms of dry mouth.


Nuts are generally considered good for you because they are rich in protein and minerals. The American Dental Association calls out nuts that are low in carbohydrates as especially good choices for a teeth-healthy snack (think almonds, peanuts, and walnuts!). Why are snacks with low carbs good for your teeth? Some carbs, called fermentable carbohydrates, break down in the mouth and can produce decay-causing acids.

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