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How to Get Rid of Dental Plaque

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When it comes to the health of your smile, dental plaque is not your friend. In this blog post, learn how to get rid of plaque so you can maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

What Is Dental Plaque?

Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that forms on the surface of your teeth and along your gumline. It is typically colorless or a faint yellow. Plaque forms as bad bacteria in your mouth consume your dietary sugar and multiply. It builds up on your teeth and creeps up under the gums.

How Plaque Impacts Your Oral Health

If you don’t remove plaque every day, it increases your risk for tooth decay, gum disease, bad, breath, tooth discoloration, and certain dental emergencies. The bacteria in plaque produces toxins that erode your enamel and irritate your gums. Weakened enamel and inflamed gums can result in tooth sensitivity, cavities, infection, and tooth loss. Oral health issues can also contribute to systemic problems, such as heart disease, respiratory issues, diabetes complications, dementia, and sepsis.

How Can I Get Rid of Plaque?

Because plaque is constantly being created, you have to be diligent about its removal. Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time. Patients often are better at brushing their teeth when using an electric toothbrush than manual toothbrush. Floss every day to remove plaque from between your teeth and from under your gums. Drink plenty of water, which will rinse your mouth and allow you to produce enough saliva, which also rinses your mouth, remineralizes your enamel, and helps fight infection. Additionally, visit Grafton Dental Care every six months for a professional cleaning and exam.

Preventive Dental Care in Grafton, MA

With careful attention to your oral care routine, you can prevent a range of dental issues. And our team is here to help with our comprehensive dental services for individuals and families. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment!

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