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The Link Between Oral Health & Acne

If you’re unable to fight off acne using the conventional treatments, it might be time to see the dentist. While that might sound strange, research shows it might just be the culprit. It turns out some people actually develop pimples because of poor dental health. How could that be, and how can you prevent this from happening to you? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

woman checking her face for acne caused by poor oral health

How Are Acne & Oral Health Related?

According to one study, a 30-year-old man’s pimples completely disappeared after his dentist pulled out an infected tooth. When he got a tooth infection again later on, however, they returned with a vengeance.

What Was Going On?

Some studies indicate that infected gums or teeth can actually lead to acne. This is because such infections increase the quantity of propionibacterium, the bacteria most often found in pimples. It often causes skin inflammation and sometimes acne. Moreover, acne can also form when bad bacteria from infected teeth touches your face. Pimples found around the lips, chin, and lower cheeks are more likely to be the result of cavities, gingivitis, or general poor dental hygiene than those located elsewhere.

How Do You Prevent This From Happening to You?

First, focus on improving your dental hygiene! This is easy to do: just brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily, and use mouthwash. Make sure to schedule regular dentist visits as well. Second, brush your teeth before washing your face. You’ll be able to clean off any acne-causing bacteria that may have spread around your mouth or chin by doing so. Third, ignore popular advice telling you to use toothpaste as an acne spot treatment. That can actually be harmful, irritating and over-exfoliating your skin! If you already have acne and have been unable to fight it off, you should also follow this advice. Just make sure to let you dentist know about your suspicions as well.

If you suffer from acne and wonder if it might be related to your oral health, contact us at Grafton Dental Care and set up an appointment with Dr. Gupta or Dr. Mak today.

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