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How Long Do Zircteeth Implants Last?

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Here at Grafton Dental Care, we are pleased to offer a variety of tooth replacement options to our patients, including state-of-the-art Zircteeth implants. Read on to learn more about Zircteeth implants and one of their key benefits–their durability.

What Are Zircteeth?

Zircteeth are an amazing way to replace missing teeth.Zircteeth are zirconia bridges that are supported by dental implants. That means that the patient must get dental implants first. Once the dental implants have been placed and given the chance to heal, we’ll be able to fit you for your custom Zircteeth. The result will be a beautiful, customized restoration that’ll match your natural teeth and attach right to the new implants.

Longevity & Other Benefits

One of the best things about Zircteeth is that, with proper care, this solution will last a lifetime. By proper care, we mean taking the time to brush your teeth for a full two minutes at least twice a day, flossing daily, and eating tooth-safe foods. Care also includes visiting your dentist at least twice a year, and as needed. If you commit to maintaining great care for your natural teeth, your false teeth will also benefit. Other benefits include a natural look and feel, restored function of the teeth, and no impact on surrounding permanent teeth.

Who Gets Zircteeth?

Zircteeth is a great solution for people who are missing one or several teeth. Since implants are required, bone health is also a consideration. It’s important that patients considering Zircteeth have a healthy jawbone and healthy gums.

Zircteeth & More at Grafton Dental Care

Ready to talk about your missing teeth? Come on in for a consultation. We’ll explore your restoration options, including Zircteeth, dentures, and bridges. Give us a call today to set up your visit, or request an appointment online.

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