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Dental Implants in Grafton, MA

Whether you’ve lost teeth due to trauma, aging, or another dental condition, we want you to know that bridges and dentures are not your only options. Dental implants afford patients a natural-looking, more permanent solution to filling in those unwanted gaps in your smile.

The great part about getting your dental implants at Grafton Dental Care is that we offer start-to-finish implant dentistry. That means that we’re able to take care of the entire procedure from placing the actual implant to fitting you with a custom restoration. We also offer denture stabilization, which is a way to secure your dentures to implants so that they fit and stay in place better. You won’t need to drive around town to find different specialists. Instead you can trust Dr. Gupta, a Fellow with the International Dental Implant Association, to take care of you. Contact our office for a dental implant consultation!

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer quite a few benefits. Many patients with dental implants appreciate how they essentially function and look like a regular tooth. This is because the procedure involves placing a biocompatible post that fuses with your jawbone. This post works as an artificial tooth root and gives you increased stability. We also take great care to design a restoration to top the post that fits in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. It looks natural and it can even be brushed and flossed like a regular tooth.

Besides appearance and durability, dental implants have benefits for your health as well. They can prevent, and sometimes even reverse, bone loss. They also stop your surrounding teeth from moving and changing your bite. Schedule a visit to Grafton Dental Care to learn more about the advantages of choosing dental implants to restore your smile!

Cerec – 3D Cone Beam Technology

Our dental office utilizes modern technology and methods, to ensure that your procedure is safe, effective and affordable. By using the latest dental imaging systems, we can ensure that your dental implants are perfectly placed. Our 3D cone beam system allows our dental experts to generate decisive, three-dimensional images, that paint a comprehensive image of your mouth’s structure. This data allows us to perform procedures like dental implants with care and precision, that would otherwise be impossible.

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